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Managing Director

Background Story:

Having finished my degree in molecular biology I started a job as a sales rep providing technical support for customers in the clinical, coagulation, immunochemical and research disciplines. I did this for just under two years, but sadly did feel not passionate enough about the work to remain in the field. A friend of mine showed me an advert in a local paper advertising a recruitment consultant post. In those days you were asked to fax your CV and that’s exactly what I did. Hence I began my career in recruitment.

Sarah's Profile

Biggest achievement:

Other than having my children I would say being trusted to navigate the RT journey. This has been an extraordinary experience starting in a small office in Potters Bar with just three members of staff, literally knocking down walls to accommodate new members of staff and eventually moving to a big office with all the mod cons in Hertford. It’s been fun, challenging and rewarding. We are so proud of the team here, without them none of this would have been possible. I have seen trainee consultant’s progress into Senior Consultants and team leaders. Long standing members of the team help to build new divisions and newer members of the team come in to the business and fit in seamlessly.

Why RT Group:

After a long and fruitful career in Social Care recruitment I decided to take some time off to spend time with my children. We went on great adventures across the UK, camping and generally just having fun. Once school resumed for the children I decided that I would look at new opportunities. It was a case of the right time and an element of luck that I was introduced to the RT Team. I joined RT in September 2002. I immediately knew that we could mould and shape the business into something very special. It hasn’t all been easy but with a lot of work and the support of some great staff members the business has grown substantially. We have diversified into new exciting markets including Education, Consultancy and Training. I am passionate about the business, colleagues that have shown great loyalty and have stuck with us and the newer additions to the team who have brought with them new ideas and are helping us shape the future. These are exciting times for RT and I am proud to be part of the journey moving forward.

Interesting fact: 

During my short career within the science arena I sold and demonstrated DNA extraction Kits and products that isolated DNA from blood samples. Part of this process involves winding the DNA around something that resembles a tooth pick. So I can say that I have seen a strand of DNA with my own eyes!!

You in three words:

Tenacious, empathetic, loyal

Contact Sarah:

01992 535 770